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Cruelty-Free & Vegan Solid Perfume

Say hello to your favorite fragrances in soft & smooth solid form with the collection of solid perfumes at Pacifica. Our selection of 100% cruelty-free & vegan solid perfume products promises to provide simple, subtle & seamless scent application wherever you are, whether you're at home, out & about, or on-the-go! With a variety of popular solid perfume scents to suit any preference, you're sure to find favorite fragrances that play perfectly into your unique personality. From soothing & sweet Island Vanilla notes, to refreshing & fruity Hawaiian Ruby Guava finds, to alluring & feminine Tahitian Gardenia aromas, you'll love stocking up on the best solid perfume scents that are sure to last all day. Made in the USA with safe & effective skin-loving ingredients that pack a powerful punch, like shea butter, essential oils & coconut, our solid perfumes are all committed to protecting the planet from harmful pollutants & toxic chemicals. Designed to deliver both a pleasant & pleasing perfume essence along with a subtle eye-catching shimmer for skin, our solid perfumes are all carefully crafted to keep you smelling fresh, looking fabulous & feeling your best without missing a beat. And don't forget to explore our other fragrance favorites to find popular spray perfumes, must-have hair & body mists & TSA approved travel sized scents today!