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Coconut Super Power Deep Conditioning Damage Control Mask Mini - Haircare - Pacifica Beauty
Coconut Superpower
Deep Conditioning Damage Control Mask Mini
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Banana Love
Deep Intensive Moisture Mask Mini
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Cruelty-Free & Vegan Hair-Moisturizing Products

Ready to let your hair down & show off hydrated, healthy hair? It's time to give your locks as much love & attention as your skincare routine with clean, moisturizing hair products from Pacifica! Our 100% vegan & cruelty-free collection of hydrating haircare products will give you everything you need to finally focus on reviving dry, damaged & color-treated hair in a healthy way. Has your hair been weakened by over-washing, consistent heat styling, chemical processes or even environmental elements? Not to worry, we have gentle & hydrating hair products designed just for you! Try our Coconut Power Moisturizing Shampoo infused with coconut, rice & super fruits as a first step in providing stress rehab for your hair. Follow that up with Coconut Power Moisturizing Conditioner for a weightless, clean & truly nourishing answer to damaged hair. Keep the hydration flowing with our detangling elixirs that can turn the most entangled knots into beautiful, smooth & silky strands. Continue the transformation from dry hair to luscious locks by rounding out your haircare routine with our mini moisturizing hair masks. Not only will your hair shine & bounce with renewed life, but it will also carry a delectable scent with you wherever you go! For more beneficial products that will protect your mane & are specific to your haircare needs, explore our clean hair purifying products, clean hair treatments, clean hair styling products & more. No matter what kind of care you desire for your hair, you can find nourishing products at Pacifica to satisfy your strands!