Natural Scents That Vibe



Natural fragrances resonate with us beyond explanation. They can be transcendental: rooted in experiences and memories that inspire and transport. Each of these natural origin scents was carefully perfumed to do just that. Find the one that vibes with you.

Natural Origins Cosmosis



Deep, resinous, creamy vanilla with ash and cold sparkling ozonic top notes. Nighttime stars. For anyone who loves when creamy vanilla notes unite with warm resin.

Natural Origins High Vibrations

High Vibrations


Woody, syrupy, deeply sweet sandalwood, vetiver and high vibration white jasmine. Positive energy is everything. For anyone who loves explosive floral notes blended with a sweet, woody scent.

Natural Origins Kindred Spirit

Kindred Spirit


Crushed, hazy rose dust, myrrh and the scent of piney, lemony palo santo. Paper love notes. For anyone who loves warm, woodsy fragrances with unexpected brightness.

> Natural Origins Tomboy Vibes

Tomboy Vibes


Musky orange flower and cannabis mix with bright green notes. Grass stains on your knees. Boy vibes. For anyone who loves complex scents blending bright and grassy notes.

Natural Origins Sage Me

Sage Me


Earthy, herbaceous sage, juniper and light smokey notes. Drive through the mountains with the windows down. Cleanse. For anyone who loves the blend of herbaceous and smokey notes.

Natural Origins Hardcore Happy Spray Perfume

Hardcore Happy


A blissful blend of coconut tuberose and creamy vanilla notes. Call in joy, happiness and positive vibrations For anyone who loves creamy vanilla harmoniously layered in with an explosive bouquet of white flowers.