So Fresh & So Clean


Don't sweat it.

We get it, switching to clean deodorant can be a (stinky) beast, but we’ve got you covered! Choose baking soda or baking soda free versions of our brand new aluminum-free clean deodorant.

Coconut Cream Clean Deodorant

Coconut Cream


Our original scent, Coconut Cream, is formulated with baking soda, arrowroot powder and odor fighting enzymes to keep you dry and smelling fresh.

Watermelon Rainbow Clean Deodorant

Watermelon Rainbow


Sensitive skin? No problem! Watermelon Rainbow is an aluminum AND baking soda free, clean formula that integrates fermented enzymes and skin-loving naturals to fight odors and help keep you drier.

Sandalwood Incense Clean Deodorant

Sandalwood Incense


Our newest scent! Sandalwood Incense keeps you dry with a perfectly balanced blend of fermented enzymes, arrowroot powder, and coconut oil.

Natural Deodorant Starter Kit

Natural Deodorant Starter Kit


Thinking of making the switch to natural deodorant? Don’t sweat it – we’ve got you covered. This aluminum-free lineup is infused with naturally-derived ingredients to help detox, neutralize odor, and keep your underarms smelling & feeling fresh all day long.