“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.” 
-The Dalai Lama

As the COVID-19 virus has impacted us all, we have found comfort in the enormous outpouring of compassion that the world is experiencing.  The way we all come together to beat this matters.

As we are all adjusting to our current situation, at Pacifica we are taking our employees' safety and welfare extremely seriously.  We have implemented guidance to all employees in line with State and Federal orders as well in line with advisory by the WHO and CDC.  Additionally, we have implemented an indefinite work from home order and are making investments to ensure employees can function working from home for the next several months or as long as needed to get through this situation safely.  We are fully committed to protecting our employees, their families and communities. 

Our online shop is open and our shipping facilities are deemed essential infrastructure to continue providing the public with necessary skin and body cleansing products. Additionally our shipping partners are following the strictest guidelines on sanitation and employee protection as well in order to continue to ship essentials to you and your family.  If your order is impacted in any way, someone from our Customer Care team will be in touch.  You may see some out of stocks in certain items, but we are doing our best to serve you and support your best self care routine.

Please stay safe and also, be mindful of your mental health right now.  Treat yourself with compassion.  It is a hard time but we will all pull through this.

- All of us at Pacifica