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Help your loved ones recuperate after holiday festivities with the gift of the Pacifica Coconut Party Then, Rehab Now Skin Care Collection. The coconut and caffeine sheet mask works for all skin types, helping to revive stressed skin. The coconut milk face wash transforms from a cream to a satisfying foam, washing away makeup and impurities. Refresh and nourish skin with the coconut probiotic cream, and keep lips happy too with the Bali coconut lip balm.

STRESS REHAB COCONUT & CAFFEINE FACIAL MASK Get into rehab with this mask designed to help de-stress your skin and your mind. Tone and help fight redness and puffiness from too many late nights.

COCONUT MILK CREAM TO FOAM FACE WASH Superfood for your skin, this creamy milk gets perfectly bubbly to help lift dirt and debris to the surface. This is a go-to in your skin's age-fighting arsenal. Plus, it smells amazing with the aromapower of vanilla.

COCONUT PROBIOTIC WATER REHAB CREAM Party then, rehab now. Even skin suffers hangovers due to stress, late nights, pollution and lack of sleep. Take control of your skin with this deeply hydrating, oil free daily cream.

BALI COCONUT LIP BALM Love our rich, creamy, and highly moisturizing lip balm with coconut, almond, jojoba oils, and natural flavor.

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