Sea & C Skincare

Sea Minerals + Vitamin C



There is something in the water! Our Sea & C skincare collection is formulated with ingredients from the sea, while a healthy boost of vitamin C makes serums and cream fan favorites.

Sea & C Skincare - Sea Foam Cleanser

Sea Foam Cleanser

Gentle foaming cleanser formulated with advanced marine phytonutrients for balanced, refreshed and absolutely luminous skin at any age.

Sea & C Skincare - Sea Purify Balancing Clay Mask

Sea Purify Balancing Clay Mask

Clay and marine extracts come together to deeply clean skin, help draw out impurities and balance skin.

Sea & C Skincare - Glow Wipes

Glow Wipes

Natural plant fiber towelettes infused with vitamin C, glycolic acid, coconut water, calendula and aloe that remove makeup and reveal your most beautiful glow.

Sea & C Skincare - Vitamin Love Serum

Vitamin Love Serum

Call this a vitamin for your skin. Multi-functional serum contains vitamin C in combination with kelp, red seaweed, green algae, hyaluronic acid, turmeric and green tea.

Sea & C Skincare - Sea & C Bright Luminizing Face Lotion

Sea & C Bright Luminizing Face Lotion

Lightweight and non-greasy, Sea & C Bright is loaded with our bioactive blend including algae and vitamin C to boost your skin’s youthful glow and healthiest appearance.

Sea & C Skincare - Eye Bright Patches

Eye Bright Patches

Infused with vitamin C and Marine plant extracts, our natural biocellulose eye patches will help brighten and boost hydration.

Sea & C Skincare - Sea & C Brightening Mist

Sea & C Brightening Mist

Tone and brighten while feeling refreshed and dewy. A light, hydrating water-based formula to help in an easy to use, daily brightening mist.