Sunshine Highs Haircare Bundle

$40 $50 value
Better ingredients for your best blonde! Our Sunshine Highs toning line is formulated with hemp seed oil and vegan collagen and infused with our uplifting sunny day aromatherapy blend, and without sulfates or silicones that can weigh hair down. Whether you’re blonde or blonde-ish, our Sunshine High Hair bundle will brighten your day and your blonde – banishing brass, and helping to hydrate and restore your beautiful blonde.

Step 1: Hello sunshine! Sunshine High Toning Shampoo is a rich, purple shampoo designed to help neutralize brassiness. It’s always summer somewhere, so stay highlighted.

Step 2: Sunshine High Toning Conditioner is a lightweight, purple conditioner infused with hemp seed oil to help fight the brass, enhance your highlights, and hydrate hair.

Step 3: Moon Cloud Overnight Repair Mask is beauty sleep for your hair. Use as an overnight treatment mask or deep conditioner.

Step 4: Higher Hold Vegan Collagen Hairspray helps make your high style last longer while giving your hair lots of love.


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