Moon Moods Roll On Trio

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The moon is powerful and so are you! The different phases of the moon inspired us to showcase the power of aromatherapy. These scents mingle with your own body chemistry so each becomes part of your unique vibe. Let these transport you, inspire you and boost your mood!

What’s included:

Flower Moon
Jasmine, peach & vanilla
The Flower Moon is known to inspire passion, creativity and pure bliss, just like flowers (and you). Our unique combination of deeply layered notes is designed to transport you to the stars, leaving you in euphoric bliss.

The Moon Meaning: Full Moon. Passion, creativity and bliss.
The Moon Mood: Euphoria. Jasmine, for sensuality. Peach, for tenderness. Vanilla, for Passion.

Dream Moon
Patchouli, sandalwood & pink rose
The viral perfume everyone can’t get enough of! Inspired by the dreamy full moon, which is said to spark compassion, kindness and dreams.

The Moon Meaning: Dreamy Full Moon. Dreamy, compassion and calmness.
The Moon Mood:
Visionary. Patchouli, for sacredness. Sandalwood, for divine. Pink rose, for astral.

Silver Moon
Vanilla, almond & spice
Inspired by the silver moon, our Silver Moon spray perfume is full bodied and bold. Think of a warm night, wrapped in a cozy blanket looking at the crescent moon, taking time to regenerate.

The Moon Meaning: Silver Moon. A shift, a change and power.
The Moon Mood: Transformation. Vanilla, for strength. Almond, for grounding. Spice, for regenerating.

alcohol denat.*, parfum*, aqua.

*our scent blend with natural and/or essential oils



We occasionally update formulas to make sure we are as clean and effective as possible. Please refer to the ingredient list on the product package you receive for the most up to date list of ingredients.

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