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Every woman deserves a little extra luxury when she needs it most. We are making it happen. For every Pacifica Power of Love Lipstick purchased we will give one to a woman in need. You buy one, we give one.

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the movement

"We believe in sharing our core value compassion with all women. That is why for every Power of Love Lipstick we sell at Target, one lipstick will be donated to a woman in need."

-Brook Harvey-Taylor

the herstory

In tough times, we often turn to lipstick to lift our spirits, to feel poised, and powerful. Even during the Great Depression, there was an uptick in lipstick sales.

Our buyonegiveone campaign focuses on giving women that extra little luxury when they need it most: during transitional times of job seeking or when housing is hard to come by.

One lipstick, ENDLESS POWER: join the movement

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We think that our lipstick can change the world. How has your lipstick changed your life, your day or your mood? Upload your photo or video capturing your own lipstick moment!

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Power of love


Super power natural lipstick.
Wearable satin finish shades with incredible lasting color.
Recyclable container.
100% vegan and cruelty-free.


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We think that our lipstick can change the world.